Saturday, March 5, 2011

Today is a lovely day and this is my first blog post

So this is my very very first blog post ever and i am very excited! I feel like i need to record my life somehow and things that capture my interest. Then i could always look back and re inspire myself and hopefully inspire others as well :) I would really like to use this blog to show my art work, photography, fashion, and other things that tickle my fancy. I know no one is reading this, and maybe no one ever will, which would be kinda sad. but heyy then i could just say this is my funky fresh diary. Any who i just have really gotten interested in lookbook and keep striving for more hypeness.. and wondering what exactly makes a picture so hyped out. i feel like i need to focus more on getting clearer images that really show off how great my outfits are. I have been using my mothers nikon 3000... and wishing i had my very own fancy camera.. along with a remote so i could take my own photographs. Sorry to bore you or then again possibly just myself with my randomness, but if there were someone reading this first.. HI and um well i would like to make my blogs something that spark up a good convo so at the end of each blog i am going to have a few goals listed and questions relating to my blog and it would be so cool if you could leave a comment stating whatever goals you have at the moment and answer my questions if you could. But it is quite late so its sleepy time for me. GOODNIGHT BLOGGY WOGGY/DIARY.. its been real B-)

TODAY-Well considering the time.. im gonna wash my face & brush my teeth and get to bed
TOMORROW-Clean room, paint, take darkroom pictures
WEEK-Work on portfolio

GOOD- 1)Won best of show in bank art show today with the chance to show case my art in another show!
2) Snuggle time with Seth
3) Got my Favorite leggings in the mail today! ( Express Long Sexy Stretch Leggings) they are my absolute favorite out of all the leggings i have tried.. i have tried plenty.. trust me :)
BAD- Found an amazing poison ring at an antique shop today... it broke at the register :(

Secrets to hypeness?

Did anyone read this :p ?

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